Part time japanese language


The Part Time Programmes are suitable to all categories people, especially for those who are busy with school study or office work. It is not only possible to study in levels from elementary to advanced according to your needs, but we also provide full study in the four skills of “listening, speaking, reading and writing”.


We have the following features:

  1. Teaching in Small Number Students
  2. Mastered in short period since the Programmes are designed under Malaysian mindset
  3. Flexible Time Table
  4. Experienced Lecturers & Enjoyable Teaching Methods
  5. Systematically & Selected Materials
  6. Japan Style Environment


The Programmes are separated to 4 levels, which according to the standard of Japan Foundation. 4 of the levels are as the following:

  1. Beginner Programme (Japanese Level N5)
  2. Fundamental Programme (Japanese Level N4)
  3. Intermediate Programme (Japanese Level N3)
  4. Advanced Programme (Japanese Level N2)