Why Japan Should be your choice
for Higher Education?


Excellent learning environment in one of the world’s most technologically advanced countries


A safe and secure study environment

  • The criminal rate is very low in Japan if compare to the other developed countries.
  • The honesty of Japanese will make you surprises.


Competitive tuition costs at national and local public higher education institutions

  • Remission of School fees: Most of the National and public universities provide 50%, and private universities provide 30% remission to International students.
    The remission rate setting is depending on university administration. Check it and make comparison before you apply to entering university.


Outstanding government and private sector support

  • Scholarship: There are many scholarships for International students to provide financing support, to cover a part of student’s education and living expenses.
    Few of the scholarship such as Monbukagakusho and Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Scholarship can help students to cover all the expenses in Japan.


High Career Opportunity – Japanese language makes you success in your Career

  • Japanese language is using widely in industry and business world, but Japanese speakers are rare in the world.
  • Job Seeking Activity will start during the last year in Japan universities and colleges.
  • Students can choose to work in Japan or Malaysia after graduate from Japan universities through excellent job seeking system.
  • Big amount of local Japanese speaking employees are requested by Japanese industries and the other industries which has business relation with Japanese companies. You can make success in your career seeking easily in Malaysia.


Encounter with Rich Japanese Culture and Lifestyle in first hand

  • The Kimono, Summer Festive, Obong Festive and so on will be in front of you but not through TV screen.
  • Experience Sadou (Tea Ceremony), Ikebana (Flower Arrange Ceremony), Kendo, Cosplay, Sumo, Animation, Japanese hot spring.


Working Part Time in Japan

  • International students are allowed to work part-time in Japan upon receiving permission from the school attended as well as from the nearest Regional Immigration Bureau in Japan.
  • Most of International students work in restaurant, convenient shops (such as 7-11), supermarket, pharmacist, newspaper delivery, hotel, and service fields.
    Few of International students also work in company as a contract staff. Yet, International students should not involve in negative activities contravening public morals.
  • The part time work should not interfere with studies.
  • The part time paid is around ¥850 (850 x 0.039 = RM33.15) to ¥1,000 (1,000 x 0.039 = RM 39) per hour. The paid will be different depend on working area and the type of work as well.
  • The permitted hours for part time working are as the following.


Type of Student Allowed Working Hours
International students who study at universities or similar education institutes Within 28 hours per week (during school session)
International students who study at colleges of technology or postsecondary courses of specialized training colleges Up to 8 hours per day (during long school vacation)
Research students (Kenkyu-sei) who mainly audit classes or are auditors Within 14 hours per week (during school session)
Up to 8 hours per day (during long school vacation)
Pre-College Student (Shyugakusei) Within 4 hours a day

Information from Japan Educational Information Centre Kuala Lumpur (JEICKL)